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365 ChallengeI thought it would be incredibly fun to participate in the 365 Challenge. In this challenge, you receive a new quilt block pattern via email every day for a year. All the blocks together form a beautiful quilt measuring about 2.40 by 2.40 meters (including a border).

The templates, rotary cutting, and foundation patterns for the challenge can be downloaded here. The patterns are conveniently grouped into one file. You can easily view the file on your tablet, saving paper. If you want to use the paper piecing patterns, you only need to print those pages. You can also download an Excel file with the placement of the blocks. For EQ7 users, there is a project file with the released blocks, which is regularly updated.

If you find the original design too labor-intensive, the smaller design with many of the original blocks might be for you. you can find it on the website.

fabricsThe colors of the quilt are beautiful but don't match my bedroom very well. The quilt will be placed on a double bed. I am choosing red/old rose/ochre tones instead of blue.
layout january smallEvery day I receive a new block via email. The blocks are not next to each other in the quilt. To keep track of where each block is located, I have made an overview. I mark the location of the blocks and only need to stick a small sticker with the date on the back of each completed block.

Each month has a different background color to make searching easier. I can't find a few blocks in the design. Sometimes I make an extra block so I don't fall too far behind during the holidays.

my colors for the challengeI traced the quilt pattern in EQ7. This way, I can precisely calculate how much fabric I need. I also pre-make some blocks. The chosen fabrics are scanned and used to color the blocks. I am quite satisfied with the result. You can download the EQ7 project with the released blocks under downloads. You can add your own fabrics to that project. This way, you can get an impression of what your own quilt will look like.
lots of red fabricwashing the fabricBefore I can start making the blocks, the fabrics need to be washed. Many of the fabrics are red-tinted and can bleed a lot. The fabrics are first sorted by color and then hand-washed. I use a detergent for delicate fabrics and lukewarm water. The fabrics soak for about fifteen minutes and are occasionally stirred. After the soaking, I rinse the fabrics well. The fabrics are spun in the washing machine at 600 RPM.

drying quilt fabricIroning, lots of ironingAfterwards, they are hung to dry. There are quite a few of them... Once the fabrics are dry, they are nicely ironed, and then the fun work can begin.