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Blockprint inkFor monotype, you use a slow-drying medium. This is necessary; otherwise, your paper may stick too soon during the printing process, or your medium may dry before you can make a print. Typically, it will be oil-based. Personally, I use oil-based block printing ink.
metal or glass plateIn monotype, you create your artwork on a smooth metal or glass plate. Then, you place a piece of paper over it and transfer your artwork to the paper by rubbing the back of the paper. I usually use 2 plates: one for creating the artwork and one for mixing the paint.
Photo frames, cheap worktopsYou can use the glass plates from cheap photo frames very effectively to create your artwork.
RollersFor mixing and applying the paint to the glass plate, I use rollers. I also use a large roller for making the print. You can make your prints on regular drawing paper.
Brushes, scrapers, paletknifesBesides rollers, you can also use brushes, palette knives, scrapers, etc., to create your artwork on the plate. Actually, there are no restrictions...
Cleaning suppliesIt can get quite messy... so it's better to wear gloves or apply artguard to your hands. Clean the plates after use with old rags and turpentine.