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beautiful woolI bought a beautiful fleece from a Texel sheep at the petting zoo. It's enough for a sweater. Quite a challenge. It's a lot of work to go from a fleece to a knitted sweater in the end.

The wool is first sorted out. I throw away any dirty and poor-quality pieces of wool. Unfortunately, I can't use those. But there's still plenty left, really.
The wool is soaking in soapI wash the wool in warm water with a generous amount of dish soap I repeat this process a few times, and once the wool is clean, I rinse it thoroughly to ensure all the soap is gone.
The wool is drying in the sunThen the wool can dry outside in the fresh air. The weather is nice, so it dries quite quickly.
50 grams of woolWhen the wool is fully dry, I weigh out quantities of about 50 grams each. That's what fits on my carding mill. It looks like quite a bit in a tub like this.
You can card wool directly from washed, and even unwashed, fleece. However, it's challenging to get a nice, even yarn that way. I card the wool first using a carding mill.