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Welcome at To be defined, a website filled with creativity. Here you will find numerous manuals in words and images on various subjects. On this page you can only see a selection. Choose from the menu on the left for more articles on your favorite topic.
Example picture tulipsI would like to create a rendition of the image next to this one, featuring the tulips. It's an image that has appealed to me from the very beginning.

Interesting partWorking on the entire image is not the intention right now. That's why I'm using a drawing package to find a nice crop. This seems like a nice piece...
Sketch for templateBecause I want to work on the image as a monotype and use a stencil, I sketch the crop. The sketch should fit on the glass plate I'm going to use for the rendition. The plate is 23 by 23 cm.
TemplateThe shape is carefully cut along the outer edge with a knife. Since I'm going to use the paper, not the crop, I have to cut it out in one go, and the paper should not be cut into pieces to make it easier.
MaterialsThese preparations are done. The other materials used are:
  • turpentine and old cloths to clean the plates, rollers, brushes, and palette knives after use.
  • gloves or Artguard cream to protect my hands.

RollersAdditionally, I use rollers and plenty of old newspapers. The rollers are for applying the paint, but also for transferring the plate's impression onto the paper.
Rolling the paint on a metal (or glass) plateA large metal plate serves as a palette. Paint can be rolled onto it. By rolling, the paint gets evenly distributed on the roller, and I can transfer it nicely onto the work plate. Apart from rollers, brushes are also used to create the artwork.
Workpiece on a glass plateThe artwork itself is made on a glass plate from a photo frame. This is a very cheap frame, 23 by 23, from Ikea. These inexpensive frames are available in several convenient small sizes. Of course, you can also create artwork on a large glass plate or on glass from the hardware store. The advantage of the photo frames is that the glass edges are nicely finished so you don't easily cut yourself.