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ivy made of feltFor my 3D Battleground, I've created a sort of ivy. Partly to adorn it and partly to provide cover for creatures. You can easily make this yourself with some scraps of felt.

felt in different colorsI used felt in various green and brown shades to make the ivy. They are different scraps, and the felt varies in quality, but since it's only hanging, it's not so important.
waved stripsFrom the felt, I've cut out sort of wavy strips. I made the waves as small as possible. Note that the dents of the waves should be opposite each other. You can see what I mean in the photo next to this.
the first leavesThe strips that are formed like this are the basis for the leaves. You cut them diagonally at the thin part. This way, you get a sort of leaves with little points. The leaves are not all the same shape and color, but this only makes it look more natural.
sewing chainsI've mixed the leaves of different colors together. I'm going to sew them onto a cotton thread with the sewing machine. If you find it too difficult to sew over a thread, you can also use a thin ribbon or something similar. At the beginning of the thread, I tie a knot so the thread won't unravel. Right after the knot, I place the leaves UNDER the thread and keep the thread well centered under the needle. Now, I'll sew calmly over the thread, thereby stitching the leaves onto the thread. I used a needle size 70.
a string of leavesNow, a long string of leaves is forming. When the string is long enough, I skip a bit. There should be some space to tie a knot at the end of the string and the beginning of the next one. Of course, you can also cut the thread, tie a knot, and start again.
a few strings of leaves attached to thicker feltI sew the strings onto a thicker piece of felt again. You can also use a ribbon or something similar here. By varying the length of the strings, your ivy becomes more playful. I made a few pieces myself, each with a different average length and width.
a piece of ivyThis is what it looks like from the front when you have a piece of ivy finished.
velcro on the backOn the back of the ivy, I've stuck a thin strip of Velcro. This is how I attach the ivy to the rocks where I've also stuck a piece of Velcro.
the resultThe result has turned out nicely. And because the ivy is attached with Velcro, you can easily remove it and stick it somewhere else if you change the setup.