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TavernI'm going to make a tavern for D&D. I use Fusion360 to create a design and then laser cut the base out of foamboard. I'll make the floors, walls, roof tiles, and whatever else I need out of XPS foam or balsa wood. I made an model in Fusion 360.

The tavern consists of a ground floor with an outdoor staircase leading to the sleeping area and two large rooms, one of which has a fireplace. There is also a storage space under the staircase leading to the sleeping area.
The first floor features a hallway and three rooms. A staircase leads to the second floor.
second floor (Fusion360 design)On the second floor, there are an additional 4 rooms and a long hallway. There is also a hatch leading to the large attic.
the attic (Fusion360 design)The attic is one big space.
some lasercut partsOnce the design meets my satisfaction, I laser-cut all the walls and floors from foam board. I use painter's tape to assemble everything together to check if it fits.
it fitsIt's a bit of a puzzle, but with some patience, everything fits together. Now, it can be glued together to complete the base. I use quick-drying wood glue to attach the panels to each other.