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female figure from bread doughWhen you think of bread dough, you often imagine wreaths, apples, and napkin rings. These are fun and easy to make from bread dough, but you can also create other sculptures. Personally, I’m not a fan of wreaths and such, so I’m going to make a female figure.

wire frameI start by making a thin frame out of wire. This will be the body of the female figure. Next, I wrap a layer of aluminum foil around the wire. This will require less bread dough and reduce the chances of the dough cracking during baking.
applying dough to the wire frameNow I’m going to apply the dough. I make sure the aluminum foil is completely covered. After applying the dough, I bend the frame, which is made of thin wire, into the desired shape with the dough. The wire provides extra support. If you don’t do this, your figure will collapse like a pudding.
modelling until satisfied with the shapeI continue modeling with the dough until I have the torso in the desired shape. You can use tools such as knives and skewers for shaping. As you can see, I chose to create a seated figure.
attach the arms to the torsoNext, I attach the arms to the torso. For additional support, you can insert a piece of wire into the arm. You can also rest the torso against a cup or another oven-safe object. Once the dough is baked, it will be sturdy enough.
from a different viewBaking the shapeOnce the figure is complete, you can bake it in a regular oven. You can place your figure directly on the baking sheet, but make sure to put some baking paper underneath. The baking time and temperature can be found in the article “What is Bread Dough.
painted after bakingAfter your figure is properly baked, you can paint it. I used black and silver acrylic paint here. I applied more black in the creases and areas where shadows fall. As you can see, it’s something different from a wreath…