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The bagI found a really cute crochet pattern for a bag at a fair. After making a few of them, I decided to create my own pattern. Here's the result.

The first bagThis is the first crocheted bag, the pattern is not mine. I have already made some adjustments to it. I have added a leather bottom, which makes it sturdier and easy to clean.
another color combinationThis color combination is cheerful as well. Again, with a leather bottom.
also niceOr these warm tones, that's also an option of course.
cotton for another bagNow I've made enough of the same pattern and I'm going to design my own patterns. I want to make a bag with bright green and orange tones. I already have the cotton. They are balls of simple cotton 50gr/125m. The pattern is crocheted with a needle size 2.5. Only for setting up the strap, you use needle size 3/3.5 so that the cast-on row is not too tight.
the patternThis is the pattern I've created. I did make some adjustments while crocheting, but not many. You can download the pattern here.
the bottom is made of leatherThe leather in this example is blue, but for this bag, I used orange leather. I laser cut my leather base with a laser cutter, but not everyone has one. You can download the pattern for the base here. Then print it at 100% scale and tape it together. The pattern that emerges can be used to create your own base. For instance, you can cut the holes using a hole punch. There are 100 holes in total.
The first rounds of crochetAs I said, in each hole, you crochet two single crochets. Throughout the entire crochet work, make sure to keep at least one extra strand running along. At the end of the ring, don't close it off neatly but continue crocheting on the first single crochet you made. This way, you'll have a continuous spiral of single crochets.
Halfway doneThe bag is starting to take shape. It's a lot of work and quite heavy on the hands because you need to avoid crocheting too loosely for the best result. I'm using a 2.5mm crochet hook, but you can also use something slightly thicker if you prefer.
The bag is doneIn the last colored band, in the middle of the band, here in orange with green, you make 8 holes. You distribute them evenly across the stitches. Each hole is made by crocheting a chain of 3 chains and skipping 3 single crochets at the same time. The next round, you crochet three single crochets in the loop that is created. For the band, you make a chain in a multiple of 7 stitches + 1 extra stitch. You can make the band as long as you like. You can find the pattern for the band here. Once you've attached the band to the bag, pull a cord through the 8 holes. You can crochet, twist, or use an existing cord for this.