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Pedestal made from an Ytong blockSome sculptures are best displayed when they are placed on a pedestal. You can easily make such a pedestal yourself.

Pedestal made of woodPedestal made from an Ytong blockThe shape of your pedestal should naturally complement the sculpture. It should also be large enough to support the sculpture securely and prevent it from tipping over easily. Here you see a pedestal made from a piece of Ytong block and a pedestal made from wood.

Piece of wood, suitable for making a pedestalWood can be effectively used as a pedestal. It's easy to cut into the desired shape and can be smoothly sanded to achieve a sleek appearance. You can paint it to change its color or leave it clear-coated if you want to showcase the wood grain.

Piece of a Ytong block, suitable for making a pedestalYtong blocks are very lightweight and inexpensive. You can cut or carve them into shape. Because the blocks are very light, they are not always suitable for heavier sculptures. When using Ytong blocks, ensure that you have a wide base to make your pedestal sturdy. Ytong blocks can be painted with acrylic paint, but the holes will remain visible. If you want to avoid this, you can fill them with putty before painting.

The dust produced when working with Ytong blocks is not healthy. Therefore, make sure to wear a face mask while cutting and carving.

Piece of soapstone, suitable for making a pedestalSoapstone is also a good alternative for pedestals. It has beautiful irregular shapes and can be easily sculpted. Of course, you can also shape it into a sleek form. Naturally, speksteen doesn't have a flat side. For stability and balance, you'll need to create one yourself. Make sure the bottom is truly flat to prevent your sculpture from tipping over.