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Jessica TremblayMarkers are perhaps better known as "felt-tip pens". Who hasn't had them as a young child? The felt-tip pen was presumably invented in the early 19th century. The "modern" felt-tip pen as we know it now was invented in the early 1960s. Nowadays, there are many different types of markers. It is sometimes underestimated what you can do with markers. For example, take a look at the picture of Jessica Tremblay.

Markers or felt-tip pens are used a lot in fashion drawing, advertising drawing, calligraphy, graffiti, manga drawing, and comic drawing. Keep in mind that most markers are not lightfast.
Various marker tipsVarious marker tipsMultiple tips in one markerBrush tips
Markers have undergone a huge development in design, both in terms of the holder itself and the tip. Many markers now have a different tip on both the front and back, and sometimes there are even 2 differently shaped tips overlapping each other. Here are some shapes including:
  • a brush tip, like a small brush
  • a chisel tip, as with highlighter markers
  • a standard tip like with the old-fashioned pen
  • an ultra-fine tip like with a fine liner.
WashWaterbase markersIn broad terms, markers can be divided into 2 categories:

  • markers with water-based ink
  • markers with waterproof ink.

Drawings made with water-based ink markers can be manipulated with a brush and water to blend or bleed the ink. This creates very unique effects.

Filling an areaDue to the different types of tips, you can create many special line effects with markers. You can also create flat fills, but generally, the individual lines remain visible within the fills.

Mixing colorsColors can be mixed by applying them on top of each other or hatching over each other. Be careful not to work too long in one spot with the marker. The moisture in the ink makes the paper vulnerable and can cause holes. Markers can be combined with other drawing techniques such as pencil or pen drawings.

Some well-known markers are:
  • Copic Ciao markers
  • Prismacolor four-in-one
  • Faber-Castell Pitt artist Pens
  • Tria System Pantone

Copic Ciao MarkersPantone Tria System MarkersFaber-Castell Pitt artist PensPrismacolor four-in-one